For warranty and on-call technical support, please submit the form.

A representative will contact you within 1-2 hours. Our technical support team endeavors to resolve all support requests within same-next business day. All support inquiries are processed in the order they are received.

Our staff is available Monday through Friday 8:30AM-5PM PST. S.F. BAY AREA SUPPORT: (415)-648-1121 Ext. 02



The SYSTEM Serial Number will look like “121212-042212-1” or "2001072216" and should be on a label located on the back of your system. Please submit the entire number as this will tell us the exact configuration of your machine and when it was purchased.



Please enter serial number of the SYSTEM with which it was purchased or P.O Number if purchased separately. Please note: we require original monitor packaging for service.



Please try to be as specific as possible when communicating the problem. Report any errors, symptoms, or failures that you may be having. Always give us a list of all software that you are running, or trying to run. That includes any OS or Networking software.[/col]




For general information about how we can serve, including our Green technology program, please contact us at:
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  +(415) 648-1121
  +(415) 648-1174
 50 Mendell Street, #2,
 San Francisco, CA 94124

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We are OmniPro - a computer systems integrator and IT supplier offering a wide range of hardware and software solutions with value-added services including configuring of systems, installation, training, and pre/post sales technical support. OmniPro serves Government and Education markets with diverse academic and technically demanding needs.

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